List of Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Why don’t you treat making money as a hobby, instead of a rigorous task?

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are two species of money earning people in this world, one, the workhorse of the 9 to 5 hustle who look upon making money just as a basic need and not desire. And the other, the red-blooded human beings who desire to make money even while asleep. Though making money while sleeping sounds unrealistic, fortunately, it is as attainable as earning your monthly salary by joining a recurring affiliate programs. So thereupon, every species of people can give it a thought.

Okay, this is no sleep talking! Neither conspiring a ‘Money Heist’

And also for clarification, this article is not just about making money while asleep but a small part of a bigger picture — How to earn the side hustle income? (only the legal way, for further more clarification)

So the clarification session is over and we guess, enough curiosity is already built. Before you lose your patience, let’s break the mystery of earning a passive income.

What is affiliate marketing?
How to choose an affiliate program?
Affiliate programs with recurring commission
List of best recurring affiliate programs for every niche
1. Web-hosting
2. Landing pages
3. Invoice and payment processing
4. SEO
5. Cloud storage
6. Social media automation
7. WordPress themes and plugins
8. Email marketing
9. CRM
10. Chatbots
11. Other niches
Effective ways to promote affiliate programs
Final thoughts

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Explaining you in short, to just get the gist of it.

Affiliate marketing automates your earning. It is insanely true. You need to find out the affiliate products you can promote and the audience to promote it. Sounds simple, isn’t it? As an affiliate marketer, your main job will be to find out ways to inform the target audience about the products and beguile them to take action. And if you are successful in your mission (that’s 99% possible), whoopee! you receive the commission for each referral. Most of the companies offer affiliate programs.

Without living your comfort zone and of course, without even leaving your current job, you can earn money just by recommending products with affiliate marketing programs.

Now, if you are sorted with affiliate marketing for earning extra income, the next question arises: How and which affiliate program to choose?

Since there are tons of fishes in the digital ocean, it may seem like a complicated task but why are we here for? Obviously to offer you the correct guidance. Okay, we don’t want to sound like, ‘Donkey praises its own tail’. We’ll quickly offer you the step-by-step guide to pick the right affiliate program.

Select a niche that fits within your skillset.

Choose a product under a particular niche. Try using it yourself or gain excellent product knowledge and analyse what you love about it.

Check if the product solves your target audience pain point or brings a smile on their face

No compromise on commission. Be watchful about how much commission you can earn.

Now what? Simply become an affiliate partner and start earning.

“The top affiliate marketers are known to make six figures from the business.”

- Bloggers Ideas

Since we promised to be your guiding star, (well, not literally promised but you can trust us) there’s more about affiliate marketing, we got to tell you. If the affiliate program you choose offers recurring commission then it’s simply icing on the cake.

How about increasing cash flow for a lifetime?
Recurring affiliate programs would make a monumental difference.

It’s too significant to ignore. If the company products you choose to promote deliver brand value promise then certainly your target audience can help you generate recurring subscription revenue.

To give an instance, if a customer extends his subscription for a particular product or service referred by you, say from a month to a year or even 5 years then you will keep on reaping profits until that period. It could be even a lifetime. Yes, but all this is possible only if the affiliate programs dole out a recurring commission and the product offers higher customer satisfaction.

Another genuine reason to consider recurring affiliate programs…

“It’s easier and affordable to keep an existing customer than to get new ones.”

– said by many business consultants

And that being said, let’s take a deep dive in the lucrative affiliate niches and know what are the best recurring affiliate programs as per each niche.

It’s simple, you send customers their way and a lot of companies will clinch the deal to pay you every month. And there is no hard and fast rule to stick to just one affiliate program. You can choose different niches or select a few products from your already decided niche, start promoting and see what you can squeeze out.

81% of brands have affiliate programs
(Source: Mediakix)

Best Web Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs
Best Web Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

Don’t sound like you’re secretly paid to sell the web hosting service. Be super honest with your reviews. Examine the services on the basis of page load speed, uptime, support and bandwidth.

Web hosting is a competitive niche but also one of the highest paying affiliate program niches. It is one space where customers tend to stick around for a long time, so you can expect to earn some really fat checks.

BluehostOffering $65 per sale. The commission can go up to $120 depending on the number of referrals you make.

Liquid WebUpto $1500 commission per sale & 5% recurring commission for life.

KinstaEarn up to $500 & also get 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

WP Engine$200 commission on every sale or 100% of the first month’s revenue (depending on what plan your reader purchases).

CloudwaysCommissions of upto $200 per sale

A2 HostingEarn up to $125/customer

SiteGroundMinimum commission of $50 per sale. This can go up to a decent $125 depending on the number of referrals you convert.

iPageEarn up to $150

HostGatorhigh commission of $125 per sale. you earn $50 for up to 5 conversions, $75 for 6 to 10 conversions, $100 for 11 to 20 referrals and $125 for referring beyond 20.

It’s a no brainer, increased conversion rates are crucial for any business and attractive landing pages have the potential to drive conversions through the roof. Landing pages are too long and too difficult to create and hence landing page creation tools come as handy.

Find that sweet spot with your promotional strategy. Make sure the landing page tool you recommend means something to the audience and prompts them to click and become a happy customer. This is the only way commissions can add up.

LeadPagesOffering 30% recurring commission

ClickFunnelsOffering 40% recurring commission

InstapageOffering 50% revenue share on first payment, 30% recurring commission.

LandingiOffering 15% to 30% recurring commission

LandingCubeOffering 30% recurring payments

WishpondOffering 30% recurring commission

Many businesses struggle with the number game. Even the slightest mistake can lead to a big loss. And that is why right from startups to enterprise prefer the automated process to manage their finances and cashflow.

How often does a business send an invoice to its clients or perform accounting activities? It could be every week, every month and even every year. This means if a business is using any billing software to invoice, they might use it for a long time. Right? Now that’s the beauty of invoicing/accounting software. Not only the businesses can enjoy consistent cash flow, even as an affiliate marketer you can make money routinely.

BillbooksOffering first year 50% and 25% from second year to fifth year.

National ProcessingOffering 25% to 70% recurring

Eclipse Merchant ServicesOffering 20% recurring commission

HubstaffOffering 30% commissions on your referrals for life

For greater searchability and visibility of any online business, SEO is an absolute need and hence it comes as no surprise that SEO tools sell like hotcakes. If you have an SEO background, this niche affiliate marketing will turn in your favour.

SEO service providers are ready to pay a small fortune to the affiliate marketers. However, the payment logic is quite straightforward, for a company to pay you money, they must believe that they will make this money back over the customer’s lifetime then only you will be guaranteed with lifetime cash flow. So now you know what exactly you need to do.

SemrushOffering 40% Recurring Commission

SpyfuOffering 40% recurring commission

SerpstatOffering up to 30% recurring commission

LongtailproOffering 30% recurring commission

SeopressorOffering up To 50% Monthly Recurring Commission

LinkodyOffering 30% recurring commission

LinkredibleOffering 20% to 30% recurring commission

LoveclientsOffering $50 — $75 Monthly Recurring Commission

KWFinderOffering 30% Lifetime Commission

NinjaoutreachOffering 20% Monthly Recurring Commission

AccurankerOffering 20% recurring commission

SerpwooOffering 20% recurring commission

AuthorityhackerOffering $990 commission per sale

AdvancedwebrankingOffering 50% of first month

ContentkingappOffering upto 20% recurring commission

NetpeaksoftwareOffering upto 30% recurring commission

RankactiveOffering 25% recurring commission

SearchmetricsOffering 30% recurring commission

SeoprofilerOffering up To 50% Recurring Commission

Everything is on the cloud. The number of cloud storage users will surely blow off your mind, over 80% of companies worldwide have adopted cloud technology. Businesses believe that the cloud is probably the best place on the earth to keep all their and their customers’ data safe. So looking at this popularity and necessity, cloud storage affiliate marketing seems to be a safe bet.

We ensure it’s going to continue to be a hot market for years to come, so you can really cash in by promoting the best cloud storage affiliate program. Select a service whose offerings are fair and has the potential to offer you a solid income for years and years.

pCloud20% of each recurring payment

Backblaze10% lifetime commissions. Plans start at just $5 a month.

Rackspacecommissions of $50

Companies love customers’ attention but hate putting the efforts to get that attention, particularly from a platform like social media — it’s a fact. Generally, creating, scheduling, publishing posts is just a backbreaking task for some businesses and that is why they embrace the automation tools.

You can make the best social media automation tools accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes through affiliate programs. Most of the automation tools offer content scheduling, keyword tracking, schedule bulk uploads and other such helpful services.

Commun.it30% revenue of every customer referred and lifetime commission when a customer renews.

Social Searcher50% commission for the first month’s referral followed & 10% commission for next month’s payments over a lifetime.

Tailwind App15% recurring commission

PromoRepublic30% per Sale

Socialpilot30% Recurring Commission

Sprout Social$50 credit per Referral

Over 75% of the WordPress websites in the world are built on WordPress. Undoubtedly it has been the best player and most trusted one for a number of years. If businesses are making money through WordPress websites then you can earn money through their product promotion. As an affiliate partner, WordPress products offer the highest commission percentage.

Endorse their themes and plugins and get a recurring commission from their associated sales. There are thousands of people out there who are minting money for more than 10 years by promoting WordPress’s affiliate products.

ThrivethemesOffering 25% recurring commission.

ElegantthemesOffering 50% recurring commission.

CssigniterOffering 50% for every sale plus renewal commission.

PremiumcodingOffering 35% — 50% recurring commission.

MembermouseOffering 25 % recurring commission

Email service providers are our personal favourites as startups to large enterprises, no business can run without the email game. At least for a good autoresponder, any business would require an email marketing tool.

Once a company starts using an email marketing tool, it will stick like glue, super glue, nothing can set them apart. Now, this brings you glad tidings. It is in fact, easy to promote and you can benefit with recurring cash inflow. As the subscribers get added to the list of your referral, your commissions also skyrocket.

AweberFree 30-day trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.

Benchmarkemail25% recurring commission.

Convertkit14-day free trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.

GetresponseFree 30-day trial, 33% monthly recurring commission

Mailerlite30% monthly recurring commission, $120 payout threshold

Sendlane14-day free trial; 30% monthly recurring commission

Sendloop10% monthly recurring commission

ActivecampaignRecurring 20% — 30% commission

AutomizyEarn 90% commissions on the first month and 40% recurring after the first month

Autopilot30% recurring monthly commission

Emailoctopus30% recurring monthly commission

GistUp to 40% Recurring Commissions

Ontraport25% recurring commission

Pabbly30% recurring commission

RocketresponderRecurring 20% — 75% commission

What is a business without happy customers? Profitability, productivity and customer relationships are all likely to improve with powerful CRM. Businesses of all sizes, trade associations, industry advocates, influencers, IT service providers, all are in desperate need of CRM tools to enhance interactions.

Offer the best CRM software and earn rewards for driving sales. Before recommending, you can explore yourself how the CRM tool works, your shortlisted one can help to build strong customer relationships, express the way they work for the target audience and attract leads.

Hubspot$1,000 in commission for each product purchased!

Agile CRM10% one-time commission from the first payment made your referral customers

Salesnexus$15 commission on each and every lead

Funnel CRM80% commission for every new customer referred

Maximizer15% commission on 1st year of subscription

Salesboom10% payout on all leads

Onepagecrm20% commission on each affiliate that subscribes

Capsulecrm20% revenue share

Close20% recurring commission

Octopus CRM35% recurring commissions

Turning conversations to conversions, looks like an amazing strategy to build customer relationships. The robotic chat that responds like a human, Chatbots are here to stay. The AI-enabled digital assistant is probably a necessity of every business under the sun.

The rising popularity of the lucrative chatbots also increases your chances of earning passive income. 80% of businesses are expected to use chatbots, so, clearly this niche is one of the best SaaS affiliate programs to promote.

Collect.chatOffering 30% recurring commission Plus $50 bonus everytime you close 10 customers

PromotelabsOffering 50% one-time commission on front end and upset sales, 10% recurring commission.

TarsOffering 30% recurring commission

Chatbots systemsOffering 35% commission per month per referral for each active user.

PurechatOffering 25%-35% Recurring commission

MobilemonkeyOffering 20% for every referral. For life

LeadformlyOffering 20% recurring income

“There is more than one way to skin the cat.”

Though all these above niches may seem evergreen and viable options, there are more incredible niches for building your affiliate marketing business. Not only profitable they might be of your interest and also have a wide target market.

Dating, gaming, travelling, online courses, education, health and wellness, sports, knowledge-based programs, virtual phone systems, that’s just to name a few out of the lucrative niches that offer recurring affiliate programs.

Cyberghostvpnearn up to 100% commissions

Getsitecontrol30% of every payment they make within one year

Fiverr$150 or $10 CPA + 10% RevShare

Getresponse33% recurring monthly commission

Unbounce20% of recurring revenue

Kajabi30% commission for the lifetime

Hopefully, now you must be sorted with which affiliate niche and product to pick.

When it comes to affiliate product promotion, you need to think the same way as you build your brand. Most of the affiliate programs provide promotional tools like banners, links, promotion codes etc. which you need to use creatively and effectively.

Now watch out for the place where you can drive enough traffic. Here is the list:

  • Blog or website articles
  • Social media channels
  • Creating an email list
  • Product video tutorials
  • Facebook Ads
  • Host podcasts
  • Within your own products

Yay! We’ve covered a lot of ground here. You can go for any or many affiliate programs and start making a fast buck. Just for advice, better use the products and services yourself and then recommend them. For the products, you can’t use, do meticulous research, check for reviews and then genuinely recommend it to your potential customers.

Affiliate marketing has been a great source of income for many bloggers too. Check out our picks for the best affiliate programs for tech bloggers to make quick money online.

Without a doubt, the earning potential is limitless and the risk factor is zero. So being an affiliate partner is kind of a win-win situation.

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